Unsheeple is about using the Internet as a means of evolving. Human beings are special because they are conscious of their existence and their ability to change the way they interact with their environment. The interaction most important to humans, the one that makes us aware of ourselves, is social interaction. We know ourselves by how we perceive others and how we imagine they perceive us.

Unsheeple - Be Heard, not Herd.

Unsheeple - Be Heard, not Herd.

The purpose of UnSheeple is to use man’s greatest inventions, the computer and the Web, to further enhance our consciousness of ourselves, others around us, and the material world we live in.

So how does a website make us “more conscious”?

Well if consciousness means more awareness, then information and truth would be the means to that end. Even imagination and perspective have their place. Obviously, misinformation and ignorance are not useful to awareness except for the acknowledgment of their existence.

Unsheeple has 5 categories. Fact, Opinion, Perspective, Philosophy, and Theory. We believe that these 5 categories contain the essence of human communication.

Unsheeple is an open forum/blog where anyone can participate by writing and submitting posts, commenting on other’s posts, and sharing ideas with others. All information that is exchanged will remain here permanently so that passerby can gain knowledge from previous conversations as well as add to the pool of information.

Speak and Be Heard, not Herd.