old macbook pro vs new


Today, announced the and Pro. The obvious changes include a glossy screen, slightly thinner, rounder edges, no visible screws, no trackpad buttons, a black screen bezel, and black chicklet keys. I won’t get into the technical aspects since the purpose of this is article is to get an idea of what your views are on the of the new . Do you like the new direction that Apple is going with their design? What would you have done differently?


My opinion: I kind of liked how the previous had a single color. It looks expensive. The black on metal looks cheaper to me. I do like how the newer Macbook Pros have less visible screws and no touchpad buttons. I also like that it looks so much thinner. I like the look of the new , but I would have preferred that they give the option of a single color instead of the duo-tone. Certain aspects of the new Macbooks have some similarities to and line don’t they? Chicklet keys, duo tone. That is not an insult either, I think the SZ and TZ lines look great. Look at this guy’s side by side photos: http://flickr.com/photos/voidobjects/2942455030/


 582 sony_vaio-tz20-thumb


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