I am a who reads lots of business books. It also happens that I am a huge Ron supporter (my company worked with Campaign for Liberty to create the AuditTheFed.com website.) I recently read a book called Tribal Leadership. It is one of the most life changing books I have ever read. Keep in mind that this is a business book!

The central theme of the book is how tribal leaders are able to move individuals within a group to higher stages of culture. Remember that one video on YouTube called Ron Paul: A New Hope, where the guy has the sign that says, “Ron Paul cured my apathy.” That basically describes the from stage 2 to stage 3, from the thought “my life sucks” to “I’m great and I can make a difference.” We are now starting to see a of individuals forming groups and saying, “we’re great,” a mentality. Stage 5 mentality is, “life is great,” and we are starting to see signs of that mentality forming. The difference between and 5 is that implies that the group has a common enemy where as stage 5 mentality requires no opponent. A stage 5 group’s is bigger than that based on competition with others.

One of the key concepts in Tribal Leadership is the idea of and . Core Values are principles that a company holds as concepts they are not willing to compromise on. They are the pillars that make the company strong. Now this got me thinking…that sounds like Ron Paul and his unwaivering principles. He upholds the core values of the United States Constitution!

I found out about Tribal Leadership because I read a book called Delivering Happines by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos. His company was bought by Amazon for 1.2 billion dollars. The “crazy” thing about Zappos is that they give their employees so much freedom yet they are still profitable. They are only strict when it comes to their core values, they hire and fire based on them. Now let me ask you, doesn’t that remind you of Ron Paul? What makes Ron Paul so “extreme” is that he is willing to put up with so much, willing to accept that people should have liberty and freedom to do as they wish. Ron Paul is only strict when it comes to The Constitution. Ron Paul knows what he will NOT put up with. He understands what his core values are: They form the from which he bases his decisions.

Another concept central to the book Tribal Leadership is the idea of having a Noble Cause. A noble cause allows people to align themselves with an idea. In Ron Paul’s case, his noble cause is to spread the message of freedom and liberty. Many of us were apathetic when it came to politics until we heard about Ron Paul, I know I was. But when he began talking about freedom and liberty, I knew that this movement was something I wanted to be a part of.

I am so proud of everyone who has taken part of the freedom movement. I feel like we are all part of one big tribe. Thanks to all of you. You are my strength.

Side note: Our main core value at our company is “ALWAYS Take a .” Even when it is inconvenient and impractical, we should take a . Just thought I would share that.

I would really encourage everyone to read Tribal Leadership. If you would like to find out what your personal core values are here are some links to a worksheet and MP3 audio of the author doing a webinar about the core values worksheet.

Mountains and Valleys PDF

Mountains and Valleys MP3 Call Recording

Rand Deflects Attempts by Rachel Maddow to Depict Him as a Racist

In an interview between Rachel Maddow and Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul, a discussion is setup by Maddow to expose Dr. Rand Paul’s thoughts on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The entire interview was setup from the beginning and continued to focus on a particular belief that Dr. Paul has about a particular aspect of the bill.

The Video (Part 1& 2):

Some statements made by Dr. Rand Paul regarding his position on the Civil Rights Act:

“I believe we should work to end all racism in American society and staunchly defend the inherent rights of every person. I have clearly stated in prior interviews that I abhor racial discrimination and would have worked to end segregation. Even though this matter was settled when I was 2, and no serious people are seeking to revisit it except to score cheap political points, I unequivocally state that I not support any efforts to repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

“Let me be clear: I support the Civil Rights Act because I overwhelmingly agree with the intent of the legislation, which was to stop discrimination in the public sphere and halt the abhorrent practice of segregation and Jim Crow laws.”

“As I have said in previous statements, sections of the Civil Rights Act were debated on Constitutional grounds when the legislation was passed. Those issues have been settled by federal courts in the intervening years.”

“My opponent’s statement on MSNBC Wednesday that I favor repeal of the Civil Rights Act was irresponsible and knowingly false. I hope he will correct the record and retract his claims.”

“The issue of civil rights is one with a tortured history in this country. We have made great strides, but there is still work to be done to ensure the great promise of is granted to all Americans.”

“This much is clear: The federal government has far overreached in its power grabs. Just look at the recent national healthcare schemes, which my opponent supports. The federal government, for the first time ever, is mandating that individuals purchase a product. The federal government is out of control, and those who love liberty and value individual and state’s rights must stand up to it.”

“These attacks prove one thing for certain: the liberal establishment is desperate to keep leaders like me out of office, and we are sure to hear more wild, dishonest smears during this .”

Read Dr. Rand Paul’s Official Statement from his Campaign Website

What are your thoughts? Please comment below. Lets try to keep this an intellectual debate and not a personal one.

4 Reasons why Pacquiao will beat Mayweather

Reasons Why Pacqiao Will Beat Mayweather

#1. Mayweather Jr. has a tough time with southpaws with speed and power

If you watch Mayweather’s against Zab Judah, you will see that Zab was able to catch Mayweather with some clean shots in the first few rounds. Mayweather got the win but some say that it was because of Zab’s lack of discipline in training for the .

Watch Mayweather vs. Zab Judah Video.

After that fight, Mayweather Sr. called Roger Mayweather from prison and told him never to put his son in the ring with a southpaw ever again.

Pacquiao High Punch Output

#2. Punch Output

Pacquiao is relentless with his punches. Just watch his fight against Clottey.

Pacquaio vs. Clottey Video.

You will also notice by watching the Clottey fight that Manny has incredible stamina.

Pacquiao and Cotto Trade Punches

#3. Willing to take punches to give punches

Manny can take a hard punch. He proved that in his fight with hard hitting Miguel Cotto. Miguel Cotto hits harder than Mayweather.

Watch Pacquiao vs. Cotto Video.

Look what happened when Mayweather got hit by Mosley in the second round – he almost went down. Same when Zab Judah and Demarcus Corley caught him.

Watch Mayweather vs. Demarcus Corley Video.

Pacquiao hasn’t been down since he’s started fighting in the US.

Freddy Roach Training Pacquiao

#4. Freddie Roach knows how to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather Sr. said that he thought his son lost in his fight with .

Watch Mayweather Sr. say he thought Oscar won. (skip to 7:53)

Who did Mayweather Sr. say he thought won?
Larry Merchant: Oscar or Floyd, who won?
Mayweather Sr.: “Hey man, If you go by point , you’re gonna have to give it to Oscar”
Freddie Roach trained De La Hoya for that fight. If you watch the highlights from that fight, you can see that De La Hoya knew how to get past Floyd’s Philly Shell and roll.
What Oscar did that was effective in that fight (and ’s keys to success):

  • He used feints to get in range
  • He hit Floyd’s lead arm, jabbed to the body and followed up with straight crosses or overhand rights to the head
  • Used overhand rights that that exposed Floyd’s head (when he was doing a shoulder roll.) Floyd was then open for a left hook.
  • Used lead left hooks. Pacquiao has a looping left that is much faster, has more range and he can get out of the after. Just watch some of the looping lefts that caught and Cotto with if you need an example.
  • Banged up Mayweather’s body during a clinch to stop Floyd’s punch and hold tactic. Oscar would follow up with punches to the head once was created.

Mayweather got the win but it was controversial. Take a look at Mayweather’s right eye after the fight. He obviously got tagged more than he had hoped.

The Philly Shell defense’s weakness is against fighters with high punch volume. You can only cover certain parts of your body and not without exposing other parts. You can only roll so many times without rolling into a punch. You can only duck at the so many times before getting caught with an uppercut.

Factoid: One of Roger Mayweather losses is from Zack “Attack” Padilla who once held the record for most punches thrown in a fight.

Zach Padilla on Wikipedia
Roger Mayweather on Boxrec (Loss to Padilla)

Do not give your credit card information to doublemyspeed.com

Stay away from doublemyspeed.com. Save your money and pay for a qualified technician to work on your computer. No software, by itself, can fix all computer problems. Some software can repair some problems. Yes. No software can solve all problems. Leave it up to a computer tech to figure out which software to use to fix your computer’s specific problems.

Is DoubleMySpeed.com a Scam?

It’s not a scam in that they won’t perform credit card fraud using your information, but it is a scam in that it doesn’t work as advertised. DoubleMySpeed.com has advertised heavily on the TV and radio. According to Quantcast, their demographic is older middle income, males with 0-2 kids, and no college education.

Does it Remove Viruses, Malware or Spyware?

All this software really does is cleanup the registry. There are tons of free registry cleaners that suck just as bad. Registry cleaning is generally a bad idea. The idea is that if you clean up unnecessary registry entries, that your computer will run much faster. It won’t. Your computer’s registry is not likely to slow down your computer regardless or how many entries are there. Other factors such as actual viruses accessing your hard drive and using up all the RAM will slow your computer down much more.

It may remove some minor viruses or spyware that are only attached to the registry. But most viruses and spyware are much more sophisticated. They have files that can change names. You have to actually delete those files. Many of those files hide themselves deep inside the operating where even commercial anti-virus programs cannot find and remove them.

What You Should Do Instead!

Have a professional take a look at your computer. It might be more expensive and more time consuming, but they should be able to remove the viruses and spyware that is really slowing your computer down.

Some computer service companies offer remote services so you can have them diagnose your computer without having to go to your house. They can connect over the Internet regardless of which state you’re in.

I would personally recommend a company called E-Geniuses. They have good client testimonials which you can tell are real people, not actors like doublemyspeed.com uses. They charge about $49 per half hour and a flat rate of $178 if they can remove the viruses from your computer. If they are unable to remove the infections, then you only pay $29 for the diagnosis.

Here’s a doublemyspeed.com review from E-Geniuses: http://www.e-geniuses.com/news/2010/05/does-doublemyspeed-com-work/

This is more than just . It’s about the emergence of the new media and its relationship to the mainstream media. When YouTube become a more influential medium than Fox? Are we now approaching that point?

What does Andrew Garcia, a musician and from Moreno Valley have to do with this? Andrew Garcia may soon become an icon for those struggling musicians and artists who have been optimistic about getting their big break using the Internet as their stage. You have to understand that Andrew Garcia and his closely knit and highly talented circle of friends have been entertaining people on YouTube long before Andrew Garcia made his first appearance on American Idol. If he becomes a star, it will be difficult to say whether it was the Internet or the TV that put him on the world’s stage.

He has had millions of views on his YouTube videos. After Andrew Garcia made his appearance on American Idol Hollywood, his videos were suddenly removed from his account only to reappear on YouTube by others who have re-uploaded his videos.

Was it American Idol who asked him to take it down? Why would a guy with millions of views and hundreds of comments chose to take his videos offline? Is it possible that American Idol wanted to take full credit for his future success by negating the fact that he had already earned a following online? That might give the message that maybe YouTube is more powerful than Fox. Rupert Murdoch does not approve of that. Remember what happened when Ron was winning in Fox’s text message polls?

Andrew Garcia does not care about the medium. What Andrew Garcia cares about his his . He does what he loves to do. He has pursued his dreams. He has not chased the money. And what has been the outcome so far? It seems as if the money will soon be following him. When Andrew, girlfriend Christine Concepcion and friend AJ Raphael decided to raise funds for people in the Philippines after Typhoon Ondoy by giving a live performance via , #healphilippines became a trending topic on Twitter. This was all put together spontaneously and $1500+ was donated within a few hours. This does not match the amount raised by celebrities who put on a for those suffering after the Haiti earthquake, but it was also done with no budget.

Now it comes down to American Idol. Who will America choose? We will soon see if the Andrew Garcia’s online popularity will translate to offline votes. Another question soon to be answered is the role of the individualistic approach of the Internet combined with the wide reach of the television and mainstream media will propel a person to success.

Responses to “The Needs To Be Boring Again” written by a professor of at .

Please take a look at the comments. Almost all of them are in disagreement with what the professor is saying.

Help, I can’t unsubscribe to ’s emails!

When you go to Tonik, a health insurance provider which is part of Anthem Blue Cross, you are required to give them your email address to find out what the cost of the specific plans are. Here’s the trick though, you cannot easily unsubscribe from their mailing list. What’s the problem, did they just make a mistake with the email address? A big like them, I doubt it. I think that they know and don’t care. If you can’t unsubscribe to their emails, then they can keep sending you spam! It says all I had to do was send a blank email. That’s what I did and this is what I got back.

Here are the email messages I got from Tonik when I tried to unsubscribe.

Tonik Message 1:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification



Delivery to the following recipient has been delayed:


Message be retried for 2 more day(s)

Technical details of temporary failure:
The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=7720
[email.tonikhealth.com (1): Connection timed out]

Tonik Message 2:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification



Delivery to the following recipient has been delayed:


Message will be retried for 1 more day(s)

Technical details of temporary failure:
The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=7720
[email.tonikhealth.com (1): Connection timed out]

Tonik Message 3:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of :
The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=7720
[email.tonikhealth.com (1): Connection timed out]

Tonik Message 4:

Subject: Still friends?

We get it, you’re the noncommittal type. And we’re fine with
that, but since this is our last conversation, you might consider revisiting tonikhealth.com and applying for one of our plans.

As we’re sure you’ll remember, Tonik is straight-up, affordable health coverage offered by Anthem Blue Cross and Health Insurance Company. If you’re under 30, we can help cover you for $70 to $227 a month. Prices are subject to change and vary depending on your age, where you live, and your medical history.

Hopefully, you’ll reconsider and apply for one of our plans today. If not, please think about every once in a while.

I’d like to save a friend some dough. Send this to them now.

Serving California. Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company are independent licensees of the Blue Cross Association. ® Anthem is a registered trademark. ® The Blue Cross name and symbol are registered marks of the Blue Cross Association. © 2008 Anthem Blue Cross.

We respect your privacy, so we’ll leave you alone if you want us to. To unsubscribe, send a blank e-mail to unsub@email.tonikhealth.com. Or contact us at Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company, 2000 Corporate Center Dr., Newbury Park, CA 91320.

If you work from home, you might want to do some research about telecommuting. I found some good information about telecommuting, also known as telework by reading a PDF I found on www.totaltelecommuting.com. The report is free, but you have to sign up for their newsletter. The information about the most valuable software for was immediately useful to me. The free applications make it much easier to work at home.

This is the of the Curve 8900 (Javelin) for T-Mobile. You can see a comparison between the 8900, the old 8700 and the old Curve.

The official release date for the 8900 is February 11, 2009, but we received them early by calling T-Mobile and asking very nicely. These are only supposed to be release early to accounts, but the option IS available on their upgrade screen. So FYI, they can do it it they want to, all they have to do is press the button. Some of the people you will talk to will not do it, some will.

I’ve been using my phone for a few days and I really like it. It is definitely an upgrade from my old 8700. My favorite features are the camera (very good quality), sound quality, speakerphone quality, screen resolution (very sharp, very bright), the keyboard is solid, the is useful, can upgrade the memory to 16GB for , pictures, movies, lots of apps to download. I’m getting used to the trackball. Just something about the old trackwheel/ that was also very satisfying. The is still too slow for my taste.

You can also watch the video of the unboxing in by double-clicking on the video, it will take you to , then choose “High Quality.”

My girlfriend made a funny comment when we were discussing ’s decision to make the . Imitating an old man with a Russian accent she said, “Hillary…, she’s like receptionist for country.” I got a kick out of that for no good reason that I can think of at the moment.

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