Do not give your credit card information to

Stay away from Save your money and pay for a qualified technician to work on your computer. No software, by itself, can fix all computer problems. Some software can repair some problems. Yes. No software can solve all problems. Leave it up to a computer tech to figure out which software to use to fix your computer’s specific problems.

Is a Scam?

It’s not a scam in that they won’t perform credit card fraud using your information, but it is a scam in that it doesn’t work as advertised. has advertised heavily on the TV and radio. According to Quantcast, their target demographic is older middle income, males with 0-2 kids, and no college education.

Does it Remove Viruses, Malware or Spyware?

All this software really does is cleanup the registry. There are tons of free registry cleaners that suck just as bad. Registry cleaning is generally a bad idea. The idea is that if you clean up unnecessary registry entries, that your computer will run much faster. It won’t. Your computer’s registry is not likely to slow down your computer regardless or how many entries are there. Other factors such as actual viruses accessing your hard drive and using up all the RAM will slow your computer down much more.

It may remove some minor viruses or spyware that are only attached to the registry. But most viruses and spyware are much more sophisticated. They have files that can change names. You have to actually delete those files. Many of those files hide themselves deep inside the operating system where even commercial anti-virus programs cannot find and remove them.

What You Should Do Instead!

Have a professional take a look at your computer. It might be more expensive and more time consuming, but they should be able to remove the viruses and spyware that is really slowing your computer down.

Some computer service companies offer remote services so you can have them diagnose your computer without having to go to your house. They can connect over the Internet regardless of which state you’re in.

I would personally recommend a company called E-Geniuses. They have good client testimonials which you can tell are real people, not actors like uses. They charge about $49 per half hour and a flat rate of $178 if they can remove the viruses from your computer. If they are unable to remove the infections, then you only pay $29 for the diagnosis.

Here’s a review from E-Geniuses: