This is the of the () for . You can see a comparison between the 8900, the old 8700 and the old Blackberry .

The official release date for the 8900 is February 11, 2009, but we received them early by calling T-Mobile and asking very nicely. These are only supposed to be release early to business accounts, but the option IS available on their upgrade screen. So FYI, they can do it it they want to, all they have to do is press the button. Some of the people you will talk to will not do it, some will.

I’ve been using my phone for a few days and I really like it. It is definitely an upgrade from my old 8700. My favorite features are the camera (very good quality), sound quality, speakerphone quality, screen resolution (very sharp, very bright), the keyboard is solid, the is useful, can upgrade the memory to for music, pictures, movies, lots of apps to download. I’m getting used to the trackball. Just something about the old / that was also very satisfying. The wifi is still too slow for my taste.

You can also watch the of the unboxing in HD by double-clicking on the , it will take you to YouTube, then choose “High Quality.”