Sony TX9 Unboxing

**Update (8/26/2010): Here’s the video!

So far, I’ve really been enjoying the TX9. The picture quality is great, but I already expected that considering the quality of the my previous camera, the TX1. What really surprised me though was the quality of the AVCHD video. It is buttery smooth and sharp!

The 2 features that I was really excited about, background defocus and HDR mode were slightly disappointing. The background defocus does an okay job of simulating an SLR’s shallow depth of field, but depending on the subject and the situation, it sometimes defocuses things that shouldn’t be out of focus. The HDR mode does a decent job of increasing the dynamic range. I compared it to some of the other modes (which might not be the best idea considering the sensor already does a great job of capturing a range of highlights and shadows) and could not tell much difference. Maybe Sony should have options with the HDR mode that include intensity of the HDR effect as well as a setting to change the number of pictures it takes using different exposures. Right now it only takes two photos and combines them. Maybe if they combined at least 3+ differently exposed photos, the HDR effect might be more obvious.

The 3D feature works well. I don’t have a 3D TV yet, but the in-camera effect does what I expected…it gives multiple perspectives.

I still need to play with the camera more, I’ve only had it a day as of writing this. I will be getting the WX5 soon, so I can compare the two.

(8/25/2010): Just got the TX9 in the mail today. I am currently working on the video. I will keep you posted once I am done editing.

(8/20/2010): I’m still waiting for the camera to arrive at my doorstep. I am very excited to get my hands on the Sony DSC-TX9. I also ordered a WX5 and will be doing a review of that as well.

old macbook pro vs new


Today, Apple announced the new Macbook and Macbook Pro. The obvious design changes include a glossy screen, slightly thinner, rounder edges, no visible screws, no trackpad buttons, a black screen bezel, and black chicklet keys. I won’t get into the technical aspects since the purpose of this is article is to get an idea of what your views are on the design of the new Macbook. Do you like the new direction that Apple is going with their design? What would you have done differently?


My opinion: I kind of liked how the previous Macbook Pro had a single color. It looks expensive. The black on metal looks cheaper to me. I do like how the newer Macbook Pros have less visible screws and no touchpad buttons. I also like that it looks so much thinner. I like the look of the new Macbook Pro, but I would have preferred that they give the option of a single color instead of the duo-tone. Certain aspects of the new Macbooks have some similarities to Sony Vaio SZ and TZ line don’t they? Chicklet keys, duo tone. That is not an insult either, I think the Vaio SZ and TZ lines look great. Look at this guy’s side by side photos:


 582 sony_vaio-tz20-thumb