4 Reasons why Pacquiao will beat Mayweather

Reasons Why Pacqiao Will Beat Mayweather

#1. Mayweather Jr. has a tough time with southpaws with speed and power

If you watch Mayweather’s fight against Zab Judah, you will see that Zab was able to catch Mayweather with some clean shots in the first few rounds. Mayweather got the win but some say that it was because of Zab’s lack of discipline in training for the fight.

Watch Mayweather vs. Zab Judah Video.

After that fight, Mayweather Sr. called Roger Mayweather from prison and told him never to put his son in the ring with a southpaw ever again.

Pacquiao High Punch Output

#2. Punch Output

Pacquiao is relentless with his punches. Just watch his fight against Clottey.

Pacquaio vs. Clottey Video.

You will also notice by watching the Clottey fight that Manny has incredible stamina.

Pacquiao and Cotto Trade Punches

#3. Willing to take punches to give punches

Manny can take a hard punch. He proved that in his fight with hard hitting Miguel Cotto. Miguel Cotto hits harder than Mayweather.

Watch Pacquiao vs. Cotto Video.

Look what happened when Mayweather got hit by Mosley in the second round – he almost went down. Same thing when Zab Judah and Demarcus Corley caught him.

Watch Mayweather vs. Demarcus Corley Video.

Pacquiao hasn’t been down since he’s started fighting in the US.

Freddy Roach Training Pacquiao

#4. Freddie Roach knows how to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather Sr. said that he thought his son lost in his fight with Oscar De La Hoya.

Watch Mayweather Sr. say he thought Oscar won. (skip to 7:53)

Who did Mayweather Sr. say he thought won?
Larry Merchant: Oscar or Floyd, who won?
Mayweather Sr.: “Hey man, If you go by point system, you’re gonna have to give it to Oscar”
Freddie Roach trained De La Hoya for that fight. If you watch the highlights from that fight, you can see that De La Hoya knew how to get past Floyd’s Philly Shell and shoulder roll.
What Oscar did that was effective in that fight (and Pacman’s keys to success):

  • He used feints to get in range
  • He hit Floyd’s lead arm, jabbed to the body and followed up with straight crosses or overhand rights to the head
  • Used overhand rights that that exposed Floyd’s head (when he was doing a shoulder roll.) Floyd was then open for a left hook.
  • Used lead left hooks. Pacquiao has a looping left that is much faster, has more range and he can get out of the way after. Just watch some of the looping lefts that Pac caught Hatton and Cotto with if you need an example.
  • Banged up Mayweather’s body during a clinch to stop Floyd’s punch and hold tactic. Oscar would follow up with punches to the head once distance was created.

Mayweather got the win but it was controversial. Take a look at Mayweather’s right eye after the fight. He obviously got tagged more than he had hoped.

The Philly Shell defense’s weakness is against fighters with high punch volume. You can only cover certain parts of your body and not without exposing other parts. You can only roll so many times without rolling into a punch. You can only duck at the waist so many times before getting caught with an uppercut.

Factoid: One of Roger Mayweather losses is from Zack “Attack” Padilla who once held the record for most punches thrown in a fight.

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