I received an email today from a Ron Paul Meetup Group stating that Ron Paul can be written-in in California. I cannot verify the validity of this. Maybe someone else can.

Here is the email I received:

“The California SOS certified Ron Paul today as a write-in candidate. Attached is the official letter from the SOS. You may write him in knowing your vote will be counted.”

Here is the PDF about Ron Paul’s Write-in Status in CA

Here’s a good video to get you thinking. Practicality vs. Principle

Please vote your conscience, your vote is not a wasted one if you vote for the person you believe to be the best candidate for president. Please share this and Digg this up.


Glassbooth is one of many websites that help voters choose the right candidate for them. Glassbooth is different in that it asks the user to weight the importance of a set of issues then asks question based on the important issues. After weighing the issues, you are asked how strongly you support or oppose certain statements based on current issues. After the short questionnaire, you are presented with a candidate who’s beliefs match yours. Glassbooth also shows why they’ve chosen the particular candidate as well as the stats for the other candidates it didn’t pick.

Try it out for yourself. Visit www.glassbooth.org. Just keep in mind that every once in a while, politicians lie to voters to get in, then betray them. Once in a while.